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Before we dive into the course, please read our disclaimer.

Disclaimer 美股價值投資課程

By using our course, you accept this disclaimer. 美股價值投資課程 is always in the position to adjust the content of the course and this disclaimer without you being notified.

使用我們的課程,即表示您接受此免責聲明。 美股價值投資課程始終能夠在不通知您的情況下調整課程內容和本免責聲明。

Content 內容

The content of our course has been put together with care, but you are using our course at your own risk. 美股價值投資課程 will make every effort to keep the content of the course as accurate as possible, however, we cannot always guarantee that our course is correct or complete.

我們課程的內容已經小心謹慎,但您使用我們的課程需要您自擔風險。 美股價值投資課程 將盡一切努力使課程內容盡可能準確,但是,我們不能總是保證我們的課程是正確或完整的。

Liability 責任

美股價值投資課程 is not liable for damage or other adverse effects from using (information of) our course or the inaccessibility thereof. Actions performed by you, based on our course or information provided by us, are at your own expense and risk. No agreement can be concluded between you and GGI, when based on faults or outdated information.

美股價值投資課程 對因使用(信息)我們的課程或其他資訊而造成的損害或不承擔任何責任。根據我們提供的課程或信息,您執行的操作由您自己承擔並承擔風險。基於故障或過時信息,您和美股價值投資課程之間不能達成任何協議。

Results 結果

PAST PERFORMANCE IS NO GUARANTEE FOR FUTURE RESULTS, AND ANY EXPECTED RETURNS OR HYPOTHETICAL PROJECTIONS MAY NOT REFLECT ACTUAL FUTURE PERFORMANCE. FURTHERMORE, PAST RETURNS MAY REFLECT THE PERFORMANCE OF ASSETS FOR A FINITE TIME, OR DURING A PERIOD OF EXTREME MARKET ACTIVITY. ALL INVESTMENTS INVOLVE RISK AND MAY LOSE MONEY. There can be no assurance that an investment mix or any projected or actual performance shown on the course will lead to the expected results shown or perform any predictable manner. It should not be assumed that investors will experience returns in the future, if any, comparable to those shown or that any or all of 美股價值投資課程’s Clients experienced such returns.


Intellectual Property 版權

You can use our course, but you are not entitled to our Intellectual Property rights. CHEN YEN ZHEN reserves all rights concerning (the content of) the course. You can always ask our consent for the use of content from our course in public places, by sending an e-mail with your question to [email protected]

您可以使用我們的課程,但您無權享有我們的知識產權。 CHEN YEN ZHEN保留關於課程(內容)的所有權利。您可以隨時通過發送電子郵件將您的問題發送至 [email protected],徵求我們的同意,以便在公共場所使用我們的課程內容。